Logitech M705 tracking sucks?

Long story short, I bought an M705 Marathon Mouse in the used section at a local PC store. I love the ergonomic feel of it so I’d like to keep using it, but the tracking is terrible. It constantly slips and messes up, and it is incredibly frustrating to use. Cosmetically it’s pristine, so I don’t think it’s been dropped or abused or anything. Is there anything I can do?

I’ve been using a M705 at work for a few years. I’ve had 2 of the them but I’ve never had trouble with the tracking. I assume that you’ve installed the Logitech Setpoint software and the Smooth Scrolling extension if your are using Chrome. The M705 isn’t a high performance mouse and doesn’t have a high DPI sensor, that’s way the batteries last 3 years. It’s really only meant for desktop applications, not gaming or anything like that.

If a used one is giving you trouble, then I would just pick up a new one. They are about $20 on Amazon which is cheap for a wireless mouse that you don’t have to charge or even change the batteries for 3 years and has 8 programmable buttons.

Blow over the sensor to dislocate any dust particle that might have clung to it, and check for any smudges. Other than that I’d test it on a different surface for comparison.