Logitech K830 - Work in BIOS?

Just wondering if anyone knows if this keyboard works in the BIOS of PCs. I have a wireless Logitech mouse that works in the BIOS of my PC via dongle, but I figure since this keyboard combines both mouse and keyboard input that the results might be different.


All regular keyboards are supported because they use a universal driver.

The only things that are not supported in the UEFI/BIOS are the RGB or custom macros that rely on the operating system.

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That’s not true. Bluetooth based keyboards won’t work.

Let me rephrase that.

All regular keyboards will work. Wireless (non-bluetooth) keyboards work because the receiver is what interprets the signals and sends the data over USB, so its as if a keyboard was directly plugged in.

The keyboard also has a trackpad though. Essentially a mouse and keyboard over a single USB connection.


I have the much shittier K400, and it works on a Dell server from 7 years ago.

it will work

Really? Both the mouse and keyboard input functionality work in a UEFI BIOS?

Yes. Like i said, it is handled via the dongle (usb receiver).

Now there are some weird devices that should work but don’t, but logitec is widely supported.

Yes, both the keyboard and trackpad work in uefi, I’m using my K830 right now.

Thank you for the clarification.

I figure I might as well mention it, I bought a K810 and that didn’t go to well. So I’m looking for better options.


Yeah thats a bluetooth keyboard. Modern UEFI’s might have drivers for bluetooth if your motherboard came with bluetooth module.

Bought the keyboard and it finally arrived today. I can confirm that both the keyboard and mouse input work over a single connection even in the BIOS. Pretty cool!