Logitech G35 or SteelSeries Siberia V2?

I've seen the Logitech G35's and read some reviews - people are saying they are a good gaming headset and I'm starting to think that.

I've also seen the Siberia V2 being compared to them , and they look really good too.

However , the Siberia V2's don't come with a function to change the bass unless I get the separate sound card - or does it not really matter? I'm completely stumped here , they both seem like super good headsets but the choice between them is quite hard.

If there was any Logitech G35 and Siberia V2 users which could give me their verdict , and if you have used both , and you could give me your verdict it'd be awesome!

I have used both. My gaming headset is a G35 and Logan's is a V2.


  • Ear cup shape is better for the natural shape of the ear
  • Sound quality great for gaming
  • Microphone beats the V2's microphone
  • Durable

  • Sound quality great for music
  • Better for larger/rounder heads
  • Various color options
  • Durable


They're both good in different ways. Just depends on exactly what you're looking for in a headset.

I can vouch for the G35's as I have had them for over a year now and the still feel as nice as when I bought them. they are a bit heavy for a headset so I noticed it on my neck in the beginning but I got used to that. they are very durably from my perspective as I have lost them on the ground and I dont see any damage to them at all. and they feel high build quaity and like they are going to last. personally I look a little silly in them.

I was really going to go for the Siberia V2's , but I think I'm going to get the G35's. Although a lot of people seem to bash them about for being "cheap" , they seem very good. 


I might buy the V2's as a back up headset or for when I'm on the road... 


thank you guys :) -

I got my Siberia V2's (Kingston HyperX Ed :3) for $50.

Comfortable, sounds great.  Only complaint is that the distance between the top of my head and my ears is a bit more than what the Siberia V2 was designed to be used on.

Siberia V2s are pretty durable.  Only think I would be wary of on the 3.5mm version is that the cable (where it splits to audio/mic) is a bit thin.

I also hate boom mics.  Siberia V2's retractable mic is awesome :).