Logitech G35 not working properly

Hi all,

So I picked up a Logitech G35 a while ago and never used the surround sound feature. Now, (6 months later) I decided that I should try out the 7.1 surround sound, so I downloaded the software plugged in the headset and they showed up just fine. However, when I go to the surround sound tab and flick the physical switch on the back of the headset to turn on the surround sound, it wont turn on at all. The stereo works fine, but the surround sound won't turn on. I have tried downloading earlier versions of the software and nothing has worked. I'm using windows 8.1. I have a feeling the switch is just broken. Does anyone know anything about this or could help me? 


On my software it will show when I have the surround switch on or off. And there's a surround sound audio test in the software. If it's not recognizing it there, then there probably is an issue with the switch. I'd try reinstalling the drivers too. Could try seeing if when the switch is on, if it still shows up in the windows audio preferences. I remember I had issues with Win8 but don't remember what I ended up doing.