Logitech C920 issue (wall of text warning)

Hi guys,


I really need some help trying to get this thing to work. I won't go into all the details but I am not at all well right now. Normally this would probably be something I could fix myself, but I can't think of the solution.


Here's the problem:

I bought a C920 webcam and it doesn't work for whatever reason. I've spent three months going back and forward with Logitech customer support and haven't had any luck with them.

The initial issue was that the camera would be detected by the computer but wouldn't work with Skype or the logitech software. Some of my own testing found that it would display an image in Microsoft Silverlight and in the Windows 8 camera app (although it would only take a picture at 3MP res).

Software has been installed and uninstalled so many times that I'm not sure how many other issues have developed, but the above is no longer the case.

After trying a lot of steps Logitech gave me, the camera is no longer detected by logitech software, displays no image in Skype and now also displays no image in Microsoft Silverlight. Windows 8 Camera app is now not working with the camera either. So after all of this, Logitech made my problem worse, and basically just told me that the problem is that my motherboard is incompatible with it (Asus Maximus VI Gene) and bad luck.


I just want my webcam to work. It's not the hardware, if I plug it into my old macbook pro it works fine. Can someone please help?

#1 I would ask for a return.

#2 I would do a clean install of windows to rule out all of this "not sure how many other issues have developed", because if we don't know what you did, then we have no idea what to tell you to change.