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Logictech Keyboard and Trackball Stop working when I turn on a hard drive

I recently put together a desktop sporting an ASRock x570 tiachi and a Ryzen 9 3900x.

I had been using a wireless logictech keyboard touchpad combo and wireless logictech trackball. They were working and fine for what I was doing.

When I turn on a external drive the keyboard and trackball stop working. Initially I though the issue was was just a USB-c issue but now I am seeing in on the usb 3.1

I am seeing the issue in Linux Mint and Cent OS. Has anyone seen an issue like this before? Any thoughts? Is this a defective motherboard or an issue with certain logictech products?

Is the external driver powered from USB or does it have its own plug? It sounds like the drive causes interference on the USB ports, enough stop the wireless signals making sense.

Have you tired using other ports far away from each other or even front panel ones.

The USB C device that I am using is a cd card reader. The other external drives I have used are externally powered.

I have moved the keyboard and mouse usb’s to other ports and seen the same issue. I would have to test the external drives in other USB ports

I was just wondering as the one powered from USB should not cause interference but external power has done in the past by back feeding noise over the USB.

This is new hardware so im thinking the Kernel is causing you trouble. Do you have the latest kernel or at least have HWE?

My Logitech trackball struggles when I plug an external drive into a neighbouring port on a 2017 iMac. Try a port on the front of the case and see if it’s still an issue.

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I’ve seen issues with non Bluetooth Logitech wireless gear and interference from usb 3.

If you have a USB 2 port try plugging the dongle into that.

Listening to Alan Pope of Ubuntu podcast/Canonical recently and I was reminded that someone asked the show this particular problem and he suggested to seek out Logitech forums because this is likely a driver issue.