Logan's music


I have a question for Logan (and/or other music creators in TekSyndicate community). How did you go about creating Nitheren and Ear Slayer (or music using your computer in general for people that aren't Logan but can answer this)? I have some basic music background (couple years of playing guitar and some super basic knowledge about music theory) and I would love to be able to make stuff from my head into something that other's can enjoy but I have no idea what tools should I use.

TL;DR version: I want to make music on my computer like Logan! What tools do I need to make something that I can then put on bandcamp. Thx!



Logan uses FL Studio (formerly known as "Fruity Loops"). That's about all I can tell you. Maybe give us a little bit of a better idea of what kind of music you want to make?

I dig Logan's 8bit stuff (thou from what I can hear Logan uses some "real" instruments in some of his songs). I don't have a way of physically recording any instruments at the moment so I'd have to stick with synthesized electronic music (8-bit or otherwise). Which is fine because that's what I like.

My knowledge in the matter is nonexistent so anything you can tell me will probably help. I'm not even sure how to create sounds without any physical instruments at my disposal (I have old piano to brainstorm on but you know what I mean).

Also I'm pretty familliar with google (:P) so I'll probably figure this stuff out on my own given enough time but getting advice from someone experienced can simplify and speed up the process. Which is important because creating music would be side project for me that I can work on when I don't have other stuff to do. 

FL is very versatile. You have a ton of instrument mimicking thingies like guitars, pianos, drums etc. and ways to alter and tune them to your liking. 

Ok I did some reseach about FL Studio and there's plenty of guides availible online so I'm gonna figure out the basics on my own. Thx a lot for providing me with the name of the software! If you have any advice for beginner music creator let me know:)