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Logan goes both ways?

I have a question.

Will there be a "Your Graphics Card Sucks" T-shirt?

Throughout this GPU war we have AMD shills (such as myself) and Nvidia shills. we need to end this war once and for all.


I'm waiting for the US to vote in Trump... then no one will be able to accuse the Brits for making the silliest decision of 2016...

Can we get an "X86 sucks" shirt :P

How can you live your life without a Waifu?

In relation to the camera question. The best camera for the money really depends on price range. If you can afford it I would go full frame sensor on whichever brand you prefer between nikon or canon. I say these two brands because they both have cheap DSLR's that aren't shit, and can be found used easily. If you don't know what to decide between brands canon has better video in general while nikon has better auto focus for stills so its really up to you. On the very low price end I would recommend a nikon D3300 or a canon t6i (this being in the 100-300 dollar range for the body), and going up from that I would recommend either a nikon D7100 or a canon 5D (this being the 500-800) dollar price range. Then for lenses with landscapes you have plenty of time to focus typically so old Manual lenses are great for the price. I would say on nikon the 35mm prime nikkor is great for like 100 bucks and so is the 12-24mm dx nikkor. On canon I cannot recommend any lenses specifically cause I have only used canon when borrowing a friends. the advantage to crop sensor is that there are more lens options to an extent and on full frame typically the sensor has bigger photo sites but that is not always true with emerging technologies allowing for crop sensors to catch up to full frame in some regard. So in general full frame is usually the better camera but usually it is more expensive. Also with cameras buying used is highly recommended just check thoroughly check the cameras condition before you buy.

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@Logan are we going to have another Logan's Inbox ?

Are you guys getting a PO box so I can send you guys some beer

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The answer is Shrek, its always Shrek. Never forget.

For starters and especially for low budget I would always go mirrorless. A used Fuji X-E1 is dirt cheap and delivers a lot of detail and very nice colors right out the camera. A 35mm f/1.4 or 18mm f/2 (or both, they work very well as a team) as everyday lens for a start and you have a tiny combo that can shoot very high quality images.

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At one time, schoolchildren were taught that a sentence should never end with a preposition. However, this is a philosophy actually associated with Latin grammar. While many aspects of Latin have made their way into the English language, this particular grammar rule is not suited for modern English usage.


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+1 for the Linus Syndicate/Logan Tech Tips swap idea. I would watch the $#*% out of that.

I legitimately didn't want you to look it up. Like, I wasn't TRYING to reverse psychology you...but you know what, that was the best response ever. That just made today awesome (and today was already pretty good)

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HI . We gamers dont die we respawn! 2. JAPAN = jumping and pumping all night

Trump will win, i'm going to hold you to that. Please record the running, and beard pulling.

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"If you don't have a china cabinet, why do you even watch this?" Hahaha! Because I spend all my money on computers not cabinets for dishes.

Man I loved this episode. I couldn't tell wether you were sleep deprived or drunk so yeah it's the same.

Thanks for the tip about the Kiev cameras, been looking for a cheap to get into film.

And please more, great episode.

I said a nikon or canon DSLR because if they are getting into it allows for an upgrade path. Not to say there isn't one on mirrorless, but there are more cheap lenses on DSLR because they have been around longer. So at the start it would probably be cheaper to go with that fuji combo but if they really get into photography, for instance, getting a D series 70-200 is a better offer than any x mount fuji zooms because its faster. Nikon and Canon DSLRs have been around so long in comparison to mirrorless mount lenses that they just have better glass in general.