Logan's beard

Logan, can you post the most absolutely splendid, exentric, high quality image of your beard?

We need this

At first this made me chuckle, then I thought maybe it's some sort of weird fetish. My chuckle quickly died.

Yes, yes we need this. I will even print off poster-size prints of it.


And I will put it on my wall

No fetish, I need the image for something. I can't speak for anyone else though in terms of a beard fetish.

12K eyefinity desktop background please

Better yet. See if you can get a 3d image/model of it. I'm sure someone without a beard fetish would love a 3d print out of it.

OOO look Crayons 

All I have on me at the moment. 

doesnt seem as robust as on the tek videos

Zoom, enhance.

yay! new wallpaper for my phone :D

Thank you, Pistol, i'm gonna get up to so much mischeive with this. Got any higher res images?

Lol wolf look.><