Logan/Wendel Could you guys guest on a broadcast TV/radio show on Net Neutrality?

I'm sitting here listening to the http://www.thomhartmann.com/ national radio/TV show, because Obama brought up internet people are calling in on the show and attacking Title 2 and other regulation, the host, Thom has some background in running an ISP, but that was over a decade ago and doesn't completely grasp everything thats happening.

I think you guys should at the very least call in(they have everything goes Fridays) or better yet get on the show as guests and teach the general public about what is actually happening from your expert opinions.

Think how many more people it'd bring to the site if you did so...

This could be freaking incredible. BTW you may want to revise the title a little, I assumed you wanted them to actually do their own show instead of calling another. I was thinking 'What the hell do you think The Tek is?'. But now I see.

Hows that?

Depends if the network wants Logan, and Wendell on a TV-show, often it is money (and the network's perception of popularity) that drives these TV-networks if they're anything like Aussie TV.

The idea isn't for them to make their own show, it's to speak on someone else's show, the show I recommended is a political show where the host is against NSA spying and pro Title 2 as well as has a technical background, but due to him running daily political radio show and 2 TV shows doesn't have the time to stay current on tech as well and as such can falter in his arguments with callers and industry shills.

This is why someone like Wendel and Logan could make an appearance on a show like this and could really explain the details of whats happening, why its bad and how to fight against it to a much larger audience then they currently speak to which is largely us geeks who already know these things and why they are bad.

They have to be invited first by the show's producers, and that's the 'sticking point'; it's who the producers deem suitable (the general media is a 'strange animal' at times, and common sense in the media-world is often disregarded)

The show I recommended isn't run by the typical mainstream media, it's not a show on Fox or ABC, the channel the video feed of the radio show is broadcast on is FreeSpeechTV, the radio show itself is available nation wide on ye olde FM radio. The guy also has a show on RT America. Since he and his wife produce both shows and I've recommended The Tek videos to them in the past for Wendel's breakdowns on net neutrality and security via their chat room I'd figure they'd be open to it if the guys stepped up to the plate, becasue guess what, theres very few people who aren't on the side of the mega corps and the data collectors that you'll see on any of these shows.

Hell, the radio host has even brought his dentist on to talk politics and how it affects his practice and what would be best for public health that gets overlooked for dental care.

So what I'm saying is that the guys may have a shot at this if they want it.

No Worries Intok, thanks for the clarification.


Logan's, and Wendell's excellent perspectives need to be broadcast to the general computer users, often these are computer-consumers who accept without question what is 'served-up' to them.


Our so-called 'computer media-experts' in Australia can't even compare to Logan's, and Wendell's expertise.

I had the same idea the last time I heard Thom struggle to articulate his own mostly-right, all well-intentioned words of support for Net Neutrality and Title 2.  Logan or Wendell could have made the same point, so much better!  In fact, they already have, a few times on The Tek and Inbox.exe.

As a political commentator, on the side with, ahem, less financial support from big business than the other side, Thom's focus is naturally on the potential that the more corporate-friendly news & opinion could take over the fast lane, while his side of the aisle waits to buffer.  Vital, purely factual information like C-SPAN's live coverage of the House and Senate could also be relegated to the slow lane, either due to reality's well-known Liberal bias or because it isn't a profit center for anybody.  And then voila, fascism!  Anyway, Thom is of like mind but could use some professional clarification on the details -- precisely the details that made me a regular viewer of TekSyndicate, btw.  I watch you guys primarily for the politics and then for the science & advanced engineering news.  The gaming stuff is mostly lost on me.  I also enjoy the nonsense, especially after a pint or two.

Options besides, or maybe leading to being an invited guest on his show include the "Message boards," "Member blogs," and "Chat" tools on thomhartmann.com (all under "Community"), as well as phoning in.  And of course, any of us could post any of the already-existing TekSyndicate content about Net Neutrality, The 1996 Telecommunications Act, etc.  If you call in, set aside at least an hour and be prepared to give the call screener a very succinct summary of what you plan to say on air.

Well at least we can hope that some of the people here can call in to Thom's radio/TV/podcast show at least on a Friday, since thats when he lets the callers set the subjects for discussion.

I've done so myself a few times, got Thom started on DuckDuckGo since he always used to tell people to "Google" something for more details on things he'd refer you to.