Logan vs Linus on fast memory

Logan! I know you love fast memory. So what's your take on this?



(Yes, I am posting this to start a war between Tek Syndicate and Lins TechTips)


I was just thinking the same thing, lol

Linus used dedicated graphics cards with their own GDDR5 GRAM (5~6GHz freq.) while Logan used an APU with no on board GRAM. Therefore, the APU system must utilize the RAM you have installed as opposed to a graphics card that uses it's on-board memory.

logan also mentioned that he did the test with a dgpu and had a whole of 1/2 a frame difference

I think the only time that Logan has pointed out the benefits of high speed RAM is in regard to AMD's processors that have graphics on the chip and you have no dedicated graphics solution. In those cases, the graphics processor has to share the system memory and the system memory is nowhere near as fast as the graphics memory that dedicated GPU's have. 

This is the most recent video that I recall them comparing RAM speed performance and it is with an APU. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGlnnMNuEHk

This post is fail. 

fanning the flames i see.