Logan, Universal File Converter please, thank you

Hi Logan,

I'm sorry if my question isn't relevant to this forum but can you point me in the right direction when it comes to Universal File converter programs, cause i'm kinda worried that i will download some shitty, or some virus infested program and it will eff up my computer thanks.


There is no such thing as a universal file converter program, you'll have to specify. Audio? Video? Text? Images? Encrypted files? "Office" documents? Databases? Source code?

And even then, google first.

And why are you asking him specifically when there's so many people here that could also help and might have more time on their hands to even bother to help?

I use foobar and audacity for sound.

Gimp, photoshop for images.

Microsoft word for any kind of text, or I write my own depending on how specific I need to change the format.

Blender, AvsPmod, virtualdub, and various other programs for video. I occasionally write my own shaders for video.

blender and autocad for most 3d file conversions.

Matlab, c++, python for most other things.