Logan lied about the keyboard!

Hi Logan. In the video below about the CM Storm Quickfire Stealth, you mentioned that they make another just like it with a number pad. However, countless searches have found me nothing of the sort. Did you mean to say that other CM Storm keyboards (but not the Quickfire Stealth) come with numpads, was it an incorrect statement, or is there actually a Quickfire Stealth with a numpad that I simply can't find?

If so I would really appreciate if someone could post a link to one, as I am simply unable to find it.



The video:


there is a CM storm quickfire with a numpad....

Just get a mechanical keyboard with blank keycaps if you want to be cool. 

even i didnt know about that one!

But there's no Quickfire Pro with side-printed keycaps.

Although I don't understand why do would anyone need a numpad except for filling spreadsheets and databases.

Or just buy some blank keycaps, $40




The numpad is useful for looking around in ArmA and cycling between 1st and 3rd person.

CoolerMaster Strom Trigger has a numpad.