Logan - Headphones for Metal

Logan, do you have a preferred headphone and/or DAC-combo for listening to Metal? Also, does it vary depending on the sub-genre?

I spotted you in a Fallujah t-shirt in a video - they sound awesome with Beyerdynamic DT-880!

Also, check out Psycroptic! Tazmanian technical death!


I currently use these for gaming and metal and they are great for the price. If you look in the gaming headset videos there is one video where he said the Grado headphones were his favorite for rock and metal at the moment. As for a DAC\AMP we all love the Mayflower.

Ya Mayflower is an ok middle of the road amp/dac. Much better ones out there though. As far as metal headphones, I like my ATH-M50xs

Thanks for your answers.

And I just noticed that Logan even says in the Gaming Audio Myth video, that he really likes metal on the DT-880's. And praises the Mayflower DAC.

I have both the ATH-M50 and DT-880, and I by far prefer the DT-880. They don't sound as "fun", but the overall audio quality really makes up for it.
I also have a NAD VISO HP50 headphone, but I would not recommend that to anyone. I won them in a contest and gave them to my SO even before burn-in.