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Local "alternative" to Parsec streaming service?

I don’t know much about Parsec, but from I understand, it’s like a high performance Teamviewer-like service. Which got me thinking, is there a service for local networks to stream and control one powerful computer from a weaker, wireless client?

Edit: Teamviewer’s local service sucks.


When it is only for games and software that does not open file browsers in seperate windows, Steam in-home Streaming works okay.

So Steam’s solution only works for games?

No. It works pretty good with software of any kind that wors in only one window.
The moment you have an open-file dialog (or similar) that is a second window, you get stuck not being able to see that.

As any game or programm can be added to your steam library, you can just give it a shot (assuming you have a steam account).

What are you looking for exactly? :wink:
I use Parsec from my local server to my laptop and works great but wireless and with cable.

Parsec is still free if you only need to steam one monitor.

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If you have an Nvidia GTX card in the system you want to control you can use Moonlight aswell.

Oh wow, it’s so much better then Team Viewer! I guess i’ll settle with Parsec for now.

it actually quite good.