Load temps very high (90c) HD 7770

Hey guys, until recently my GPU has been fine under load (~60-70c) but now it's peaking up to 96c when under heavy load. I haven't done anything I can think of to cause this issue, but I remember updating my drivers and it started to happen. This may have been a coincidence since I rolled back the drivers through windows (is this the wrong thing to do?) and it's still happening. Today I'm going to buy a CoolerMaster SickleFlow fan, I have a Fractal Design Core 1000 and there's a fan mount on the side panel, directly above where my GPU is (ASUS Radeon HD 7770) so i'll see if that helps. Anyone know any reason it could be happening? The GPU fan speeds up a hell load when it's at 90c, and it sounds like a bootup fan rpm, then the temps drop by like 10c. 

Please can somebody help me out here? 



what are you doing when it peaks out at these temps?

Playing games like: Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Trials Fusion, two non-intensive games, my card still runs them fine but the temperatures are insane. I've also played DayZ with it, same results. Don't want to try anything like Witcher 2 incase my card blows up xd 

My GPU fans were going crazy playing CS GO too. The reason was cause it was running around 300fps. Try turning on vsync in the game options and see if that calms it down.

Oh my god, I can't believe I forgot about this bit. Yesterday, while on facebook, my monitor blacked out, then I saw a Blue Screen (of death most likely) and then my computer rebooted instantly after. Anyone know what's going on? 

with windows, blue screens could be any number of things. at least yours rebooted...last blue screen I got corrupted my CMOS and I had to take my graphics card out to reset my CMOS chip. Most my bluescreens don't restart either, they get to '100%' then just sit there, with some cryptic error that if you google it nobody knows what it means. *cough* WHEA_Uncorrectable something or other *cough*

I wouldn't worry about it unless it starts happening often.

Was it an instant change from 70c to 90c? Like you saw 70c temps RIGHT before the new drivers then after it shot up to 90c? I'm just wondering because if the 70c is an old number from maybe months ago or something, that it could have been rising up unnoticed from something like dust not allowing for good heat dissipation. 

Thanks to everyone who helped. It must have been the driver, system restored to 4 days back and I now have 2 SickleFlow fans in my case, 1 intake 1 exhaust (right above gpu, intake is at front shield of pc). Before the restore I was getting ~80 degrees (about 10 degrees difference without sickleflow) and now I get ~68 at peak. cheers to everyone who tried to help. will let you know if something happens. Oh and is it okay to have an exhaust fan right above my gpu or should it be intake? cheers,