Load balancing a VDSL and 4G connection?


Excuse my ignorance but I’m new here but someone recommended this forum for this sort of thing.

I have a relatively slow VDSL connection (~40/10mb) and am looking for the best practical option at increasing my overall speed. I can’t put any more wires/fibre into my building due to regs etc and am trying to figure out the best alternative option.

In my ideal world, I could see the solution as joining my 40mb VDSL connection with a 300/50mb 4G service to produce something like a 340/60mb connection and am curious to see if this is possible somehow (5G will be here soon so hopefully will upgrade as and when).

Wondering if you geniuses knew what the most sensible options are. I’d like to keep my VDSL line as the latency is good for the odd bit of gaming/skype etc, the 4G latency is maybe 150ms which is alright (but not ideal). Could I bond them via a remote VPN or anything silly like that? Otherwise I assume the only option is load balancing via a router. I don’t mind building a new machine (although already have a fairly effective server/NAS) but thought I’d ask just incase there are any obvious options I’ve overlooked.

I’ve already got a decent VDSL modem and would probably prefer a dedicated 4G/5G modem (to match band spec etc), so that points towards a custom machine regardless as I see there are some vaguely appropriate AIO solutions.

Really I’m looking to increase my upload speed so I can easily create offsite backups of 4k video material (for the record, I’m a airline captain, not a pornographer) and wondered what you guys would suggest. I’d rather not have the faff of one machine that is just connected to 4G for uploads etc and thought there must be some better solution and I’m happy to invest time/money in the project just to learn.

Cheers guys!

Pfsense should be able to do this for you. It’s relatively straightforward to setup, took me a day or so to figure out and setup with 10 VPN connections.

Can also be done using a smaller SoC with a Linux distro of your choice. This is however considerably more complicated to setup, took me a few weeks to setup, few hours here and there. Did learn a great deal about networking doing this, so was worth it.

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Can he weight the connection balancing? According to throughput so that it balances out the speed and ttl differences?

I’m curious cuz I have no idea

Id like to know where you live that you can get a 300/50 connection from the wireless provider! I mean T Mobile care barely do 25/10 in my area and a few cities over they managed 100/20 I believe.

Any who, PFsense could do the job from what I have read. Ubiquiti Edge Routers have load balancing as well. If you want a more “Off the shelf” solution. Im going to take it the providers have unlimited data? Because 4K videos are not small.

It’s possible to weight the connections in both setups relative to eachother using a load balanced gateway group (several wan interfaces bunched as one).

Similar outcome can also be achieved depending on Lan source, where one Lan IP will always use a specific wan interface.

Same goes for wan target, where a specific web request from Lan always will use a specific wan interface.

Can also do a combination of above and have several groups, and use for specific source and targets.

And there are more options still. First is v easy to setup because it’s weighed on a connection level, where rest requires a bit more setup.

Another alternative to connection based load balancing would be to rent a server close to where you are and terminate two VPN connections from your home on it, and use it as your gateway, that way you can do packet based load balancing using something like mpppoe l2tp.

Do you have a budget, how are you with datacaps?

Also, thinking of your question as an XY problem, … have you looked at whether there’s a wisp (wireless ISP) close to where you live? You might be able to get something better than what you currently have with VDSL if you have that option