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Lo-Fi - Not really a meme



Lo-Fi is in that wierd category of synth and drum based music with mid and hi-fi and, I assume, retro/synth/vaporwave. However, while there are many things of meme orient that point to such music, I'm one of those weirdos that likes Gaelic music and DnB for the repetitive nature. I like the beats, I like the over all tone, and I like where it puts me mentally.

For the most part though, while it can be synthy, the instrumentation of lo-fi is typically slow / weedy, consisting of jazz or hip hop beats with similar instruments.

So, consider this a Lo-Fi megathread.

For note, anything that fits what you think of when you think of Nujabes likely fits in lo-fi, as does nujabes himself
Rest In Peace Jun Seba


Hip-hop makes me cringe, sorry.


Then why post?


Personal Favorite

Lofi and Chillhop are pretty much all I listen to at work.


Because i can. I clicked on your post, read it, sampled the music and disliked it. I left a comment, not being insulting, just simply to show that i disliked it, apologised and that was it.

What's the problem?


I dunno. Just seems like a waste of time lol.


I guess some of these might not be Lo-Fi?


I think you'd really like Bugz in the Attic


Aren't you confusing Lo-Fi with minimalist a bit? Some of these examples have way too much sound quality to be considered lo-fi imho.

The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel for instance is what I consider to be lo-fi.


I love minimalist. Isn't that what lorde does?

Boomkmarking this thread.




Got some more stuff to post.


While it's definitely not my favorite genre of music (that being a mix of metal and classic rock), there are some tracks that I really like. They just have a nice, slow tempo, and the ones I've enjoyed the most have voices talking in the background that aren't really discernable, which I really like for some reason. It just feels like I'm being disconnected from the world, which I quite enjoy at times.


i'm not really into anime, but those ChilledCow mixes are aided hugely by the atmosphere of the photos and the rain fx. aesthetics help, i think.


I prefer this Lo-Fi


This channel might be something for you, @Aremis.


personally lo-fi is my life blood i will revive this
HOME i have actually 2 of their vinyls in storage paid too much for em

this channel is a good source for lo-fi scynthwave and the like music

a personal favorite of mine Quixotic fits both scythwave and lo-fi because of their twist on the music


Here’s some based music


Oh neat, dead thread revival.

Lo-Fi is a meme tho.