LM18 Xfce!

Woo! So I just read the LM blog and there's a BETA release of LM18 Xfce! I'm really excited. My full USB OS install of LM18 Cinnamon was very succesful ( https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/running-an-os-from-a-usb-3-0-drive/104363?u=schyken )... I can't wait to install the Xfce version! I'll be all set! Anyone else excited for the new release? Anyone tried it?

I haven't tried the Xfce version, so looking forward to giving it a go.

I did install KDE on 18 last week when cinnamon was annoying me. Plasma 5 is pretty nice. I couldn't get scaling for 4k to work perfectly, but no issues other than that.

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I love Plasma. My only issue is it gets a bit resource hungry sometimes and I optimize my PCs for specific applications (applications as in purposes not apps), and it gets in the way. I've been dealing with Cinnamon for the time being. It's quite nice, but I'm just really all for Xfce.