Live Linux Distribution for GPU Testing?

Are there any Live Linux distributions out there that can be used for GPU testing? Any distribution that comes with nVidia/AMD drivers, OpenGL support and some kind of OpenGL 3D application to stress the GPU (preferrably something that comes with Unigine Valley etc.) would be great. I doubt I’m the first to need something like this, but I also doubt anyone put effort into this… yet I thought I would ask anyway…

Lots but Garuda would be my top choice followed by EndevorOS or if you wanna get trendy Pop_OS.

They appear to come with the GPU drivers but not any OpenGL 3D software to test them with in the Live image as far as I can tell? Would something that includes the phoronix-test-suite be too much to ask? :slight_smile:

Do you need something like the Phoronix Test Suite? Its not really a distro…

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Cubic makes it pretty easy to create a custom Ubuntu live ISO that includes whatever packages or drivers you want.

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Note to anyone who complains about GPU testing videos not including linux or having tools setup, make this distro happen and send it to GN steve. You’ll get progress.

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@appiah4 just install whatever you want to test with once booted. The only reason you care about the distro having the drivers available on boot is because in most cases if they don’t you will have to reboot to load the kernel modules which on a live system will of course wipe what you just did. Boot, install whatever you want to test with, done.

@FaunCB You would also have to send it to HUB Steve for a Stereo Steve affect.

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