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Discussion Starter: Before the livestream, tell us about your first experience using a computer. :D

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Another live stream with ed?

I vaguely remember playing a motorcycle racing game with my dad on Windows 95. I want to say there were oil wells and racing through a canyon?

Once we got a PS1 I almost never touched the computer again until Runescape 2 came out.

It must have been back sometime in the early 80’s. A scientist friend of mine brought home a suitcase-sized “laptop” complete with modem. He dialed into the mainframe at work and we played a dungeon crawler game late into the night.

It was all text based, but I remember how we were so completely mesmerized by the experience of typing “walk” “look” “look up” “look down” “run away” etc., etc.

It was so massively crude by today’s standards, but even then it was clear to us that this was a transformative technology.