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Watching the VOD. Was the primary camera on the Magewell card? Seeing some frame rate issues. The overhead camera seemed to be more stable framerate wise. This could be important to making my capture card recommendations.

@wendell Asrock Z390 Taichi Ultimate comes with onboard Aquantia 10 Gigabit LAN.

Would be neat if Level1 could review it. I never tested NICs outside Intel and this time i’m curious what could aquantia bring to the game.

Taichi Ultimate webpage


We have tested the same aquantia nic on the x399 fatality and it’s awsome. It’s a solid card with no real tradeoffs. It has similar performance to the Intel x540 with slighlty lower CPU utilization. It also does the smb multichannel stuff right which, I think, implies rdma


Can you double check if the Taichi Ultimate has a Thunderbolt header? Online pictures don’t really show the 5 pin header at the bottom very well, and I’m unsure if that’s Thunderbolt.