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I’ve setup a Fedora VFIO box and all is working well. I’m running Windows 10 as a guest OS and was figuring how to get audio to the host OS without losing the ability to use my speakers on the host. I have a Soundblaster Play! 3 USB lying around and decided to pass this through to the Windows VM. I took a 3.5mm jack cable and connect the Line-out of the Soundblaster to the Line-In port on my X570 Taichi. However i can’t find a way to listen to the Line-In port.

Is there a way to listen to the Line-In port in Fedora 31?

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Sure you could do that, but my favorite is to just use pulseaudio daemon to listen to the quest soundcard.

It is digital and works most of the time. sometimes you get weird delay or x windows issues. but I do like the most.

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Could do a “hardware workarround” by hooking the line outs into something like the Little Bear MC5 or Mackie Big Knob. The later would require cables like this to hook up to 3/8 jacks (= 3.5mm).

I had the same problem with my Nintendo switch as I wanted to listen to my switch and my PC at the same time. You can setup a pulse audio loopback device. It works, but overall I hated it, because sound quality did deffinitely suffer as far as the switch goes. There where a lot of bars to figure out where to put (to not make it suck as badly) and I had to do all that twice, because I also use Windows on the same PC. By the way the results on Windows that I got always where plain better (but activating and deactivating that all the time is also annoying). Now I have the big knob the person above me already mentioned and a USB dac for the switch… Bit pricey for the task. But it did solve my problem in a way that I dont get insane with.

This was the alias I put into my bashrc to activate that loopback device alias switch='pactl load-module module-loopback' so pactl load-module module-loopback is what you gotta run. I´m currently not sure if there was any setup prior to that involved. I think that´s all you gotta do (thought might be wrong) it should show up in pulse. I did not really want it to be there on boot. So I did run my little switch alias everytime I wanted to use it. From then on out I wish you good luck tweaking it.


You’re solution indeed works! I however found an easier, and likely better solution for my situation. I found out my speakers support Dual line-in (Edifier R1280T) :blush: which works wonders!

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