List of E-ATX Cases

I need an E-ATX case (or better) without window doors. Google is giving bad search results for whatever I type in and investigate. I’m hoping I can get some help here. CaseLabs would be my go to for this stuff, but they’re out of business. :\ I will need the 5.25 inch bays as well. I can take a list of E-ATX cases and sort through them if needed.

Just came across a Fractal Design R6. I think I remember this, and that was going to be the best option I had.

Edit- I got more results by going directly to common manufacturer websites such as Corsair, and Cooler Master

Go to, search their case section and say E-ATX in the filters. They list tons of cases and you can either buy them or search that model on other sites once you know what you want. That is really what Newegg is best for these days, finding the product you need so you can buy it elsewhere. lol

If you want Caselabs like design, the Thermaltake Core W100 and W200 are similar. In fact there was a lawsuit about how similar they are. Both can hold an E-ATX board, but they do have windows and TT won’t sell you an additional panel without a window.


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Rackmount or Tower?


Do beware that both motherboard manufacturers and case manufacturers tend to play fast and loose with “E-ATX”, Gamer’s Nexus did a write up and video on this:

Check the manufacturer’s manual for both the motherboard and the case and maybe some reviews as well to confirm that what you are buying is compatible with each other.


You can also search here by specifying the motherboard form factor:

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Maybe also search here, plenty of filters:

Sometimes it’s only E-ATX if you remove the drive cages.

Does it have to be new? If not - just get any of older servers from ebay.

Like this Lenovo TS440 Lenovo ThinkServer TS440 No OS | 9228 | eBay

Just saying E-ATX, without a known limit is useless… General lot unfortunately just don’t bother
Likes of Fractal and Phanteks, are generally very good, with listing of “E-ATX” upper limit(s)

Lian Li O11 XL, Fractals Define/Meshify/Pop XL, Phanteks 719 / Enthoo Pro…

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