Liquid Cooler

I want my CPU cooler. The Thermaltake water 2.0 performer isn't cutting it. Others have suggested the H100i or the Kraken. But I saw the Cooler Master Seidon 240m and I think it might be a good alternative. It's only 84 on Newegg (about $100 when not on sale). How does this compare to the H100i? Money isn't a huge isssue, but I'd like to save a few dollars if I can.

if you want temps better than a 240mm AIO cooler just get a Custom loop Kit, for the lower priced usits id suggest an XSPC RayStorm 750 RS 240 Kit, Its only around 140-150$ and can be expanded upon while also give you cooler temps than an AIO.

While that's high performance, I'm a noob with this kind of thing. I need something simple but effective.

Kraken x60 or an h80i/h100i then depending on what you have room to mount in your case.

I don't think size is a problem. I have a coolermaster HAF 912

As long as you have the room that cooler you looked at seems decent, Just took a quick glance at amazon and the reviews seem pretty decent. 

I personally prefer the push pull cooler. I use this one and have always been happy with it. Has the push pull fans and its smaller.