Linux-y goodness in unexpected places

Hey guys, I recently bought a machine, and it came with a cute little PC terminal.
I’ve done a little 5 minute video.

Hoping some people here with more Linux-fu than I have can help me get a login prompt on another tty.


If i were running GNU/Linux proper, to get to a TTY from graphical, you would use CTRL+ALT+ .

Since Android is running their own Graphical system, Surface Flinger, you would need to install a terminal application to get actual terminal access.

Now, if it has USB OTG (On the Go), then you should be able to connect it to your computer and run a terminal program like mini-term or something like that to listen for it. If it is running Android, you should be able to connect to it via ADB and either get terminal access that way or side load a terminal program and set it to run in the bg at boot.

Ah good idea! thanks, I will look into that. It should tell me if it is running android or not at least.