Linux/Wine help

Basically the issue that I am having with Oblivion on Wine under Ubuntu 14.04 is that the hotkey menu will not go away. After looking online for fixes the most common answer was to remove all game controllers, how ever I do no have on connected to my PC, so I went further, modifying the 'bUse joystick' line in the INI of Oblivion to '0' to force oblivion to not use the joystick, however even then the issue remains. So I would like to ask for advice, if anyone has had similar problems, or knows of a possible fix for this rather annoying issue.


I would ask directly on the Wine page or the playonlinux page of the game (if supported). Better chance that these guys might know how to fix it.

Oh alright, Ill give that a go. Thanks!

You might also try the Linux gaming subreddit...Just another suggestion of a more specialized audience.