Linux Web server

Hi Logan, Qain, Wendell,

I am thinking about switching over my web hosting to a local server. I currently use network solution(which is not the best). The main reason why I want to make a local web server is because I am working on a few different projects and need to be able to work on everything quickly without hassle. I am mainly a unix user and I am not a huge fan of windows. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on what distro to use. Anything else that you think I need to know let me know.


Thanks so much!

i have my server running ubuntu server. sure i will get some hate for it. but it works for me just fine

No hate coming from my point of view. I'd used Ubuntu Server and it's quite good. If you prefer a true Debian experience, then you can use Debian and choose the various daemons that you wish to install. If you are putting Linux on a lower-end system, I would recommend Lighttpd over Apache as it's lighter on resources.

I personally use NGINX along with PHP-FPM. You'll find that most people have their own favorite flavor, to me it's whatever you're most comfortable using and playing around with!