Linux vs windows minecraft

I cannot figure out why I get so much better fps in Minecraft with Linux then I do with windows. Linux=80/60 where as windows I get 50/20. I have the same shader pack and resource pack. I am confused at the difference.

The big difference is in Linux it is the mesa driver. Not the proprietary one from amd.

This could be just do to the fact that Windows is very bloated.

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Yeah, the windows rendering pipeline is… not particularly optimized.

But yeah, Minecraft has always been an interesting beast when it comes to cross-platform performance, we get really good numbers on Linux for some reason, and I haven’t really pinpointed why, or how to replicate it on other titles.

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What I found in my research. AMD doesn’t care about opengl. So, a 6900xt is about on par with a rtx2060 in opengl rendering. That really ticks me off. Mesa is not maintained by amd, and mesa has a good focus on opengl. AMD does not care about opengl. So in windows with proprietary drivers. I am going to have 2060 level of performance. Mesa drivers basically doubled my performance.

So my dilemma is do I do linux where i actually can get ~100fps vs not having 120hz support on my tv in linux. Windows it is fine. Linux im stuck at 60hz. Or use windows. Windows also supports hdr. Which is ideal for jellyfin and plex.

I wonder if running windows with hyper-V, the could making use of a Linux VM and GPU-V work while giving the vm the majority of the card?

GitHub - jamesstringerparsec/Easy-GPU-P: A Project dedicated to making GPU Partitioning on Windows easier!

Ah, I see the issue now.

Linux creates 100fps, but can only display 60hz.

Windows can show 120fps, but the game only outputs 50…

I would say the higher is better, for this specific Application.

But, this is not the only reason to use a system

Using the system as a whole, it looks like you will be unsatisfied with a couple of working apps, at the expense of the other ones you desire.

You will keep going back, as you miss the other stuff, instead of settling for a sub-par experience…

As said many times, the convenience comes at the price of freedom/privacy. And it’s not an easy choice to make

I wonder if i do hw passthrough vfio or qemu, i could get best of both worlds?

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I haven’t tried minecraft, but the performance of the new COD:MW was fine, and battlefield V had a few spikes, but playable.
Only reason I switched GPU back was the anti-cheat games.

There are a host of niggles to optimise though, so trial and error may be needed. And I was using 1st gen TR, with NUMA/whatever, and weaker cores than your machines

I play so few games. I don’t think anti cheat is a problem.

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You could, but its a whole rabbit hole in itself. I would only attempt it if you’re extremely confident in your abilities.

Proton is near good enough that I don’t need pass through anymore. When that happens, I will be a happy man.

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Check if your GPU is really fully utilized and switches to a high performance mode.

On a GTX 780m laptop of mine, Minecraft ALWAYS uses a low power mode of the GTX card in Windows. Never figured out how to force it to use the high performance mode though…

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I wish this were the case. My friend at a lan party brought his laptop and didnt have it plugged into power and so it was on integrated graphics. I know how this can be a problem. But this is a desktop and recommended power profile for ryzen and desktop is the middle one. Also what I found is opencl and 6900xt dont play well. Official benchmarks put a 6900xt at rtx 2060 levels for opencl.