Linux VM options

Hi, as the recent Teksyndicate videos have inspired me to move back to linux as my daily driver.

I currently run virtualbox with a Win 7 VM (with guest addition installed) as I still need a few apps from windows to get by, (AutoCAD, Adobe creative cloud etc.) has anyone got any recommendations for geting faster GPU performance or suggestion for an alternative software other than virtualbox?


You can use gpu passthrough but that's it and it doesn't work on all hardware. Noteably intel hardware. On intel you need vt-d to get passthrough to work -k series cpus do not have this. they get vt-x I think it is.

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Virtualbox is not entirely open source, the virtualbox kernel modules will taint your kernel if that matters to you.

Linux has a lot more solutions than Windows when it comes to virtualization. For running Windows applications, if you want direct GPU access, a PCI passthrough with kvm has the best chances of giving you the result you want, but the reality is, you have to have the hardware to support it.

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thanks for the suggestion of KVM not seen that before, GPU passthrough looks definatly the way to go I do ahve the correct hardware on the looks of things just need wise up on this a little.

I came across this would be a tek syndicate video tutorial I think.

You might have a better solution with one of VMWare's solutions if you want to play with GPU passthrough, though they have a limited number of video cards they support.