Linux Ubuntu install from Hell

Hey guys I was wondering if you could help me out.

I downloaded the .iso file for Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS, burned it to a DVD and tried installing it on my laptop. I used the option of installing it in addition to Windows 7 so it would be a dual-boot computer. After I went through the install process I restarted like I was supposed to and I got this error message:

error: no such partition.

grub rescue>

I have re-installed Ubuntu from the install disk and it does the same thing.

Linux knows that Windows 7 is still there because when I run the install disc and it asks me how I want to install Ubuntu, it says Windows 7 is installed on this computer so I didn't over-write it when I ran the install the first time.

I really need to be able to get back into Windows 7. Any help would be appreciated.

Me thinks your grub is very sick and needs some love. Throw in a windows disk and select the recovery, then get to a command prompt option.

then type;

bootrec /FixMbr

this should fix the boot issue, so you can get into windows at least. Dont give up on linux, if you have dramas with dual booting, perhaps look at running it in a vm.


Don't repost. This is a Linux question, not an Inbox.EXE question. Delete this thread, please.

you could always just use unetbooting on a hard drive partition