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Hey guys!

So I HAVE to use Skype. A few friends use it and don't want to swap to something else. But I am in the process of swapping to Linux, and the Linux version sucks. I was wondering if there was a way to run a separate program or something other that can use skype. I was looking into, but when I go to the page there is only a download for Android, iOS, and some APK thing. There is no register or anything. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.
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What about using skype via VM?

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well I thought about that then I wondered about attachments and whatnot. And I wasn't sure if calls would work

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Ive never used skype, but clients i turn toward this option usually thank me.

btw: i can think of almost 10 (without digging for more) linux alternatives to skype that are not only safer options, but also easier and faster.

I'm not sure how anything is easier than skype, nor how anything can be faster... And I don't know how you can claim that if you've never used skype yourself...But I take your word its probably good software

how do I know? years of emails and hdtickets notifying me of "problems with skype"; a few hundred crash logs; ive seen the source code (for droid and pc). So let me be more specific - Ive used it, Ive never been a user of it. And - for any secure environment - it doesnt meet the minimum security required to interact with modern corporate firewalls. ...but i do have this Skype branded t-shirt from their launch party, its one of the AA 50/50 blend t-shirts, very comfortable, i wear it often. makes me feel fast.

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Tox. What do you expect its a Microsoft product, I'm surprised there is a version at all.

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What about: -- I found this recently and have used it in a Linux VM with Firefox without any issues.

Yeah righto, I was thinking more along the lines having something that can directly interact with ppl through skype on their end, but something else on mine that can run linux such as in a web browser or whatever, rather than a whole new platform. anyone have any ideas?

i personaly dont have any issues at all with the Linux version of skype.

Same for me. It's a bit dated looking and the way the window system works sucks, but its functional.

Yeah, I might keep using it, its just a pain sometimes.

Install it through smxi. Might clear up some issues of how it looks and functions in X.

I personally Also did not have any issues with the Linux version of skype. Simpler, faster and no ads. Maybe not as fancy but i really do not care about that.

Unfortunately Ms is not letting any other application access their network. So its either a skype application or bust.

I prefer the look of linux skype to the new style windows version, but did see something earlier today that may be just what you are looking for skype unofficial client
Spotted it in the AUR, but not tried it out to confirm if it works

Ultimately. I wish my firends appreciated security and sound quality more to give uTox a go

Yeah righto thanks mate, I am looking into it right now, cheers :)

good info to browse over

I use pidgin. No stupid ads, plain ui. But I don't know about voice and video because I never had to use it.