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Linux, Ruby, and Windows Appreciation Thread


Changed title. u mad?

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I’m writing into a diary written in python about how upset I am today.
Lol maybe enough derailing.

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You rang?



I see your VSCode and raise.

It’s VSCode built with slightly less nagging. Tiny, but noticable startup speed difference, too.



That’s weird that their main beef is telemetry and the in-house license. You can turn the telemetry off. You get a message about this when you first launch the editor. It’s pretty easy to do. Inb4 “hOw Do YoU kNoW iT”"“s TuRn’D oFf!!!eleven!!!”

However, that being said, I’m a huge fan of faster startup times lol. I will check it out.



I appreciate w10 for 95/100 times just working, and doing what I ask it to.
It doesn’t disturb me whith updates, and my blu ray ripping software works better than they did on w7.
And I appreciate linux for being stable on the lts editions, lessening the tightness of my tin foil hat, and the ease of running many vms, backup services etc.
And I appreciate windows xp on my retro gaming pc for playing all the old games w10 can’t handle :slight_smile:
Different os’s for different purposes.
And since I have multiple pc’s, I can and do run different os’s for different purposes.
I might have a pc hoarding problem, or so my friends say. But what’s wrong with owning +6 pc’s?
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Ruby - the non-squiggly bracket language (save blocks and procs… but you know what I mean), which isn’t annoying or OCD about your indentation.

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I can appreciate Windows and Linux not being written in Ruby.:grinning:

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(Lmao, Discourse made that list. Also GitLab and Chef, fam :wink: )



I really appreciate how Linux handles mounting partitions.
Managed to brick my install this weekend while playing around with real time kernel features, reinstalled the OS and all my data is still there, even my active tabs just come straight up after the install.
Sure Linux might break more often than windows, but when it breaks it is a much more pleasant experience getting it back up and running.



When Ruby was popular.

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Thanks For sharing. its helped to me



only because it breaks itself if given enough time.:grimacing:

[quote=“Baz, post:13, topic:142969”]
I always relate PC’s to cars: if you use one it’s your own benefit knowing at least to some level how the engine works.
[/quote] exactly hit the nail on the head!

not a thing! if each has its use.
anyhow each os has its plus and minuses, some more than others But that depends on the opinion of the user,
many people do not try to embrace linux because they have a little uncertainty if not downright fear about change.

My opinion on this is change is good for you because it keeps your mind sharp and that in itself can prevent Alzheimer’s.

to each his own i guess!:grin:

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yeah no, it doesnt



Can we just take this moment to appreciate @admindev for turning around all the negative bullshit fanboyism over the operating systems into a unification and positive thread. Like seriously.

In spirit of op Linux has come a far way ive recent gotten back onto fedora (I started on fedora core a long time ago) its come so far

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say that when you have had to run restore 3 times in 1 month due to an critical update crashing the system! (wifes system not mine and she only does her office work (medical processing), no downloading games or anything)
rebuild would have been quicker but that would be losing everything.

sorry! annoyed because the restore process last time took 9 hours and she had a fit over the productivity loss( we could have bought 2 more computers with the lost wages. (both of us losing time from our own work)

anyhow linux has come a long way since i started with it,
Its a lot easier to use, much easier to install compared to its beginnings.

But Its not for everyone. You have to be a lot more capable and understand how a system works, and need a modicum of interest to explore with the willingness to make a few mistakes, and above all the patience to learn and ask questions when needed.
and not everyone is suited to do this,

there was a lot about windows i liked and was happy with but xp is not supported anymore,
there are many features in 7, 8, and 10 that are pretty decent but they are overshadowed by the problems, and some feature were removed or made more difficult to implement due to “security restrictions”
with windows every program was named in terms people can understand.
the programs were easy to learn and use and you didn’t have to have a lot of computer experience to be able to use them.

Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t dislike windows, On the contrary I would go back to it IF all spyware, malware, and buggy software issues were eliminated! But I’m not holding my breath waiting.

marketing strategies and spying drive me ape$#!t
try ordering a gift for a neighbor (His wifes birthday) because he wants to surprise her. (and you get bombarded with ad mail from them and their associates for months on end) ( and they ignore the unsubscribe and do not call lists)

windows itself has not soured my attitude in the least.
but when you go to a site and are not logged in (even on a different computer) and you are greeted by name its a bit creepy (information gleaned from your IP)



If you’re going to derail with your anecdotes about why Linux is great and windows sucks, why don’t you just make your own thread?

Don’t shit this one up because you suck at administration.



This week i learned that Windows supports UNIX style mounting of partitions.
So instead of having disk a-z you can just mount to C:\users, if i understand the function correctly
That is actually really neat



That is pretty cool, I had no idea that was an option. I haven’t mounted anything to Windows in a long time, though.