Linux recommendations for Linux noob?

Hello all, what is a good Linux distro for someone who has never used Linux before? I've only ever really used Windows before. I'm thinking of making a Linux boot drive for my upcoming PC, and would like to start with, well, something.


Manjaro Linux.


Though using it myself - I am not so certain if Manjaro is 100% user friendly; I still stand to my recommendation of trying (some) ubuntu flavour - its most noob friendly.


I would argue it's easier than Ubuntu. also he has wider package availability being that it's Arch based and he has access to the AUR if OP chooses to add that repo.

#use strict;
#use warnings;

my @distros("Ubuntu","Mint","Fedora");
my $arrayLenth=scalar @distros;
my $randomNumber=int(rand($arrayLength));

print "You should pick $distros[$randomNumber] \n";

Mas informacion, por favor.

Why are you interested in Linux? There are a ton of distros. Some are geared for centain purposes. Maybe some background on what inspired you to want to use Linux could help.

For example "I'm interested in Networking as a career."

"Oh that's awesome - you made the right choice to not do systems, you're off to a good start. All Linux distros have very good built in command line tools for networking. Since you're interested in networking, CentOS may not be the ultimate goal here, as that's a more "systemy OS". That might lead you way from Red Hat Distros like Fedora or CentOS.

However, within network there is a lot room to grow into security. There is a version of Linux called Kali, which is helpful for networking security people, but that is probably too advanced for a new person. However, it is based on Ubuntu. Which is a very beginners friendly version. Maybe Ubuntu might be a good place to start."

/end of imaginary convo


agreed with @Kat manjaro makes arch easier to install. To be honest, I started with Arch Anywhere and transitioned to Antergos.

Also @Kegplant_Wizard19 if you get any errors from the installer or in day to day use, copy the terminal output and paste it into a web search.

If you are unable to find it on the web, feel free to post it in the

Ubuntu and Manjaro. Got it, I'll try both once I get my HDD's.

Any of the mainstream distros are easy as pie to install.

Debian, Ubuntu/ *buntu, Fedora, Open SUSE, CentOS; all you need to do is click next on the installer.

Debain, debian based (*buntu); are by-and-large the easiest to use. Both from a security standpoint, and usability, online forums and such. They hold your hand.

To use the more advanced distros; things that are arch based, etc, require you to have at least some working knowledge to be able to solve problems. They don't hold your hand.

Since you have about zero knowledge on this subject; go with something that will have easily solved problems should any occur (and they will). Once you know some more stuff, go switch to something else if you feel like it. All linux distros are easy to use these days, but some are more complex than others in solving issues.

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I feel this is going to be the beginning of a long and interesting OS relationship between me and Linux. Well, and possibly hard and frustrating at times too. (As with all OS's)

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Give it two years and you'll wonder why you hadn't switched sooner.


Depends on your needs.

For a beginner and for desktop. Linux Mint > Solus > Manjaro. In that order. All 3 are in the top15 of the getting most hits (Downloads) In the last 6 months and also in the last 7 days


not Arch.

I would personally reccomend fedora for 2 reasons

DNF is super easy to use
Fedora is great at being beyond stable while still being bleeding edge


I like manjaro XFCE a lot. It is super easy. In my mind it is more important to pick a desktop that makes sense for you. I would recommend to go with one of the more lightweight / classic ones like mate, XFCE, LXDE.

I also seem to be a rolling type of guy, I liked mint debian edition way better than the real mint, I was trying ubuntus left and right, tried korora, debian and a few others but manjaro is the one so far. I like getting the new stuff and I had no real problems up to this point.

I wanna look at opensuse next... tumbleweed of course.

Not my personal fist choice, but Elementary should certainly be a consideration.


In my experience don't use gnome extentions and yes you are stable. Cuz i broke my fedora using extentions/tweaktool just one update and bam nothing worked. The thing was reseting spazing out.

After a fresh install enable RPM Fusion, Install Nvidia Drivers, Install Steam. And you are good to go.

q4os is a great choice for those used to windows xp

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I gotta agree. I'm done with Ubuntu. Manjaro is easier to set up, easier to find what you need and easier to work with on pretty much every level. And it's a rolling release that's pretty stable.


My vote is for something debian based for the simple fact its hard to find a problem you cant solve with google. I might be a little biased since I've never really used anything else though. My biggest problem with using anything else is I already know Ubuntu and its variants well enough to get by. So in the past when I have gone to install anything else like fedora etc I find myself having to google a lot to get things done. This in turn frustrates me because of the extra time it takes to get anything done and I end up switching back to what I know. If theres any piece of advice I can offer, no matter what distro you decide to try... Have patience with it. Be humble. Ask questions. Dont let elitists make you feel bad for not knowing something either. The linux crowd can be "eccentric" at times.

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It definitely is - easy - compared to Arch especially; But being rather active on the Manjaro forum, I am not tempted to call it easier than Ubuntu - it has, despite all testing and trying to make - stable - as stable as possible its quirks, and now and than the GUI breaks, which usually is a huge problem when it happens.

I like that Manjaro gets the exposure it deserves but I am just hesitant to recommend it to someone taking first steps in linux

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