Linux play well with these mobos?

I hope someone can tell me if sometimes mobos cause problems w/running Linux flavors.

I’m looking to build a Ryzen series 1 or 2 box. No ‘X’ chips but hope a bios update will get me to 3600 on the same board.

I have a number of boards in mind. Also, if anyone thinks any of these are not good due to bios problems, VRM or overpriced middling ‘yeah, it works but…’ please pitch in.

In no particular order:

Asrock fatal1ty B450 K4
Asrock B450 Pro4, or B450M
Asus Strix B450-F
Asus Prime X470 Pro
asrock Master X470 SLI/AC
MSI X470 gaming Pro

Appreciate any feedback.



I have been running the Asrock Fatal1ty B450 K4 without an issue since Febuary of this year on a R5 2600X. I did have to upgrade to Mint 19.1 before I did thought.

I’m currently running kernel 4.18.0-25-generic so that means I’m running the HWE version of the kernel. Not sure I needed that kernel because of the CPU/Mobo or for better RX570 support.

Either way, that should give you a baseline of what kernel version you need.


Hopefully that baseline will help w/my board. Currently I’m also using Mint. Looks like I’ll go mATX w/an MSI.

Thank you!