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Odd, I’ve never had that WiFi issue on my 3a. I assume you tried a reinstall, and different update channels?

It’s fairly cheap at the moment and at least has good Linux support at the moment with everything working… The garbage battery and no real phone function is a bit of an annoyance with the pro as well as flakey waydroid… Still up in the air but yeah just a thought atm

Neither had I previously but the state of ub touch and the lack of ecosystem coupled with the no WiFi kinda annoyed me so I switched back to LOS so I can get a bit more use from it for tertiary duties.

It feels that whenever u ask about something on the ub forums people just wish to extract some cash out of u to work on it. While I understand dev work takes time the mantra kinda stinks. I see top apps only have a couple thousand downloads. Im happy to pay for apps but have them first and support em… I ain’t paying upfront for someone to maybe work for a little bit on something. I like open source and give back to open source however when people are kinda hostile about it, it turns me off.

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Yeah I’ve heard the Pro battery life is surprisingly poor, but I hope optimizations can get it close to the og PinePhone. Battery on the og is not amazing either, but I usually have no problem with being off the charger for 16 hours with only occasional usage throughout the day. Can go well over 24hrs in standby if left untouched. I run the open modem firmware which definitely helped the battery life some, so I recommend it if you haven’t flashed it on the Pro.


Yep I have jumped on the updated modem firmware :slight_smile:


Looks like PostmarketOS just added support for the Pro. postmarketOS // v22.06 SP1: The One Where We Added The Pro & E7


Just saw that as well, they have been pushing quite hard which is great… I kinda like plasma mobile more than phosh even tho phosh is faster overall (maybe biased as I’m running KDE on my pc lol)

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What release changed this?

Phosh being slow as dirt is one of two reasons I’ve rejected using it.

I notice phosh is quicker on both manjaro and postmarket… Plasma has a fair few hitches and is slow to load such as WiFi settings from pull down, the discover app loading is slow… I also feel things are exacerbated when running on my Samsung sd card with emmc installs faster all round which makes the gap much closer imo. Mind you this is my PPP experience.

I’d like to know what the L1 PinePhone folks are running on their OG PinePhones. Or in the event that you are currently running a distro you don’t like, what is your favorite/recommended one?

OG PinePhone Favored Distro
  • Arch/DanctNIX
  • Manjaro
  • Mobian
  • PostMarketOS
  • Ubuntu
  • other

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Followup Poll for all Linux Phone Users - What’s your favored UI/DE/Shell?

  • Lomiri
  • KDE/Plasma
  • Phosh
  • SXMO
  • XFCE
  • other

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After a lot of distrohopping during the first few months of 2021, I settled in with Manjaro Phosh as it seemed to be the most functional at that time, and I got to where I needed my PinePhone to actually be my phone. I haven’t really re-examined the options in a long time, so I’m curious if there’s a significantly better option available these days, or one that you would advocate for me to try.

Once you get used to Lomiri it’s pretty dang good. It’s the most efficient to use out of Phosh or Plasma by far IMO, but it needs to be on anything other than Ubuntu. I know Manjaro picked it up, but last I checked it was still a dead project.

Do you guys know of a distro running Lomiri?

Yeah, I need to revisit my Linux phones. I’d like to get away from UT as they keep breaking crap all of a suddenly, and I don’t want to support an OS that want money to fix problems. That sounds like a good way to convince one to break something to get money to fix it again. Last update nuked all my contacts…

Also, I was looking at how well my one crap linux phone video has done just before you posted your polls, so it’s on my mind.


Lomiri is slick. Do you know if it supports “convergence” in the sense of docking the phone to run as a desktop with mouse and keyboard? Sadly, last I checked Ubuntu was not really an option for a daily-driver PinePhone. I think ubports has been unable to put any additional effort into PinePhone support as they are still working on rebasing to 20.04, or was it 22.04?

As you indicated, Lomiri on Manjaro is stale, and idk if anyone else is packaging Lomiri.

Yeah, I have used convergence, and it’s potential is very solid, but it’s hampered massively by the old Linux version, and running on my Nexus 5 (the only phone I have that I’ve been able to get it working on). My Pixel 3a UT devs were bragging that it’s the fist fully supported phone for UT, but they don’t have wired convergence listed on their functionality list, so it can get away with out getting that working, so it doesn’t…

Man, a modern phone running an up to date linux distro with wired convergence would be some wild stuff especially if one was to get a laptop dock.

Oh, and yeah, it supports mouse and keyboard.

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I don’t mind chipping in a little money to support development, but I agree that can be a slippery slope. For instance, with SolidWorks they try to get you to keep paying for maintenance in hopes they will fix something you care about. Or Windows 10 where you can buy it, but they just ignore broken things that probably wouldn’t even be that hard for them to fix. But i digress…

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I can’t believe how broken SolidWorks is. That crap is over $10k. I’d invest in an FOSS project if I had a larger machine shop.

Like the old saying goes. If you want something done right you have to do it yourself, unfortunately most don’t have the skills, time or money for a project like these. I hope to get there someday.

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Does anyone know if a real product like Razer’s Project Linda exists? A Lapdock where the phone slots into where the trackpad would go?

I don’t know of a project like that, but I do know about the nexdock.

Not as convenient though.