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Linux on Surface Book 2

Hey hey,
I noticed how the LevelOnesies are using Microsoft Surface products in the youtube videos, are they using Linux on those?

Are there any distros that would work well with the surface book 2 (GTX1060 version), would there be any that can match battery life and touch pad precision, even Windows Hello?

I searched years ago and couldn’t find anything intriguing to try out for the hardware but the Linux elders here may know more…

It won’t be a pleasant experience on Linux just yet. Kernel 5.13 might be required. And you shouldn’t hold your breath on Windows Hello stuff. You can liveboot a Linux distro and test it yourself.


I would also suggest trying it out using a USB stick or micro SD card. You will obviously have to turn off secure boot. But be advised that if you change things in the bios and you have bitlocker enabled, it could trigger it so make sure you have that bitlocker key handy.

I have a surface go with linux and the only big issue was I had to seek out a custom WiFi driver. I don’t use windows hello. So it wasn’t an issue for me.

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