Linux on an ARM Chromebook

I have an Asus C201P chromebook with a Rockchip3288 SOC with Mali T7640 graphics.

I was hoiping to run linux on in for lightweight school use since it's so cheap but also fairly well built.
I installed archlinux arm on it but I could not get graphics drivers working properly.

Running startx would always crash and using a dm would sometimes get a desktop to load but absurdly slowly so it's probably some kind of software rendering fallback or something I'm guessing. I've seen a lot of people with similar issues online but also a lot of claims of success so I don't know what I'm missing. Theres even drivers for the chip in the repos for alarm.

Anyone here tried the same? Or alternatively anyone know of a chromebook or similarly small low-power device with a good battery and sleek design that will run linux well enough to browse the web and do really light programming?

That chromebook should be able to run Gallium OS. It's what I use and it's awesome.