Linux on Amlogic S912 based Vorke Z6 Plus

Hey guys!
I have a Vorke Z6 Plus Android TV box collecting dust in my basement and would like to put it to good use.
I would like to put Linux on it and see, what it is capable of. The box is based on an Amlogic S912 SoC.
Does somebody have some experience with this specific device or one of similar kind?
I know that there is an official CoreELEC build for this specific box and it is based on Linux, but I’m looking for something more like Ubuntu, Debian or Arch.
Any input is greatly appreciated.

You should be able to run Armbian. If not, you may be able to get Arch or Debian to run on it. I have an Odroid N2 running Alpine Linux currently, but I did run Debian and ArchLinux on it.

You can also run Android on it but I think only up to 10. 11 has not been ported to it yet.

Armbian sounds promising. But there is no official build for the Vorke box. Could you explain how the boot-process works in general? Since it is not a UEFI or something similar, you probably need some kind of boot firmware, which boots Linux. I am really shooting in the dark here.

The Odroids and the boxes based on the 905 and 922 use U-boot.

Try CoreElec first since it is build specifically to take advantage of Amlogic chipsets. There is a build for your box. Should not be much to jump to a full linux release since the device tree and the SoC has been supported in mainline for some time.

Good to know, thanks!

Thanks again, I will definitely try that!