Linux newbie - Ubuntu 18.04 - No 1920x1080 resolution

Hey guys. Has the tittle states, I’m a relative newbie in all things Linux. After installing Ubuntu 18.04 on one of my machines I’ve been unable to get the Intel Graphics to display the correct resolution. It’s an Intel Core i5-6400 with Intel HD Graphics 530. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Go into the “Applications”-Application and update everything. Look if there is anything recommended. Usually this is one of the things that ‘just works’. And if it does not work it usually figures out what to install. The ubuntu app store does a lot of stuff that apt does not. For me it even did automatic bios and firmware updates without installing anything.

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By the way, another place that would be beneficial to consider posting questions like this to would be the ‘small linux problems’ thread. Your post could be answered quicker by experts.

The xrandr command can add custom resolutions. Google “xrandr 1920 x 1080” and you will find lots of stackexchange examples.

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Thanks, I did that but with no results.

Thanks for the tip. I will look into it.

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Thank you, I did as you suggested and managed to get the right resolution up and running. But I just wonder if Ubuntu is using a correct display driver or if it’s running a generic one. Any idea on how I could go about checking that?

The ls family of commands have all your listing needs covered. Your can use lshw -c video and on the line configuration there is a “driver=” entry.

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Seems to be using the correct driver. Thank you for the help.