Linux Kernel 4.15 looking good for AMD

Kernel 4.15 merged 130,000 lines of code from AMDGPU DC, bringing out of the box support for Vega, and Raven Ridge APUs, Ryzen can now have its temp directly monitored by k10temp hwmon driver, and several other neat additions.
Here is a Phoronix article detailing it better:


No mention of the NPT patch being included :frowning:


Unfortunately However, I think it’s gotta be pretty close to being finished sometime soon. It’s about the last thing I’m waiting for before I upgrade. However, I feel like I might just wait for Zen+ or Zen 2 or whatever.

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It might be worth it. But who knows?

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About damn time with the HDMI audio.

Looks like the NPT patch made it in 28 hours ago AYYYYYY


I pulled and tested that kernel yesterday by coincidence. Working great.

It should be in 4.15. IF not someone is screwing up.


4.14 LTS kernel already ready for use.

Won’t take much time, for a 4.15rc release :grinning:

YEAH!!! @wendell, check this out!


AMD is putting all the code in all the places come linux. :slight_smile:

Actually that was my fix :stuck_out_tongue: AMD either ignored or couldn’t figure this one out.


I’m super excited for your project to be completed. Hopefully the second gen Ryzen chips come out in February or March. If so, it’ll be time to upgrade…

Compiled it in under 10 minutes. God I love Ryzen. Can confirm my Vega card is displaying perfectly, but my gnome environment is not liking the update. The gnome-shell process often uses all 16 available threads at 50-80% capacity. Anyone else have any luck with other desktop environments? I need to switch

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I’m attepting to compile now. RC1 is out today

Vega working perfectly? Are you using AMDGPU-Pro drivers and not just AMDGPU?

I haven’t installed any drivers for Vega. Just installed the kernel, and everything worked fine. I should add an asterisk to “perfectly” tho. When my HDMI monitor on Vega turns off, the GPU won’t reconnect to it without rebooting. Display port is working tho.

I wonder have they fixed the issues with the dynamic power management for AMD GPUs? I spent a couple of weeks (yep I’m a Linux newbie) trying to get Fedora (and a few other distros) stable on my main PC which has an MSI R9 390 and could only get it stable by disabling DPM but then discovered the HDMI audio issue.

I remember trying the Fedora Rawhide build which had kernel 4.15 but the DPM issue wasn’t resolved and I’m not sure I was able to get HDMI audio to work either.

Will have to have another try and see what it’s like now.

For DPM i am not sure but the HDMI audio is included for sure.

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Nice one, I probably screwed something up the last time I tried.

I think I could live without DPM for a while if HDMI audio is working now, will definitely give the latest builds a go.

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