Linux Kernel 4.11 Is Here

So if you've been living under a rock like I have, Kernel 4.11 is out. here are the goodies, for all you TL;DR folk.

  • Linux kernel 4.11 release brings more maturity to AMDGPU power management. It’s also faster for RADV Vulkan. Intel DRM driver is now capable of handling DisplayPort MST audio. Intel has also enabled frame-buffer compression by default for Skylake and newer hardware. TinyDRM has also been merged.

  • Intel Gemini Lake support

  • Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 support improved
  • Support for Pluggable IO schedulers in multiqueue block layer [Linux kernel 3.13 release added a new multi-queue design to the Linux block layer for better performance with newer hardware. Linux kernel 4.11 release adds the support for pluggable IO schedulers.]
  • Support for OPAL self-encrypting disk drive standard, optimizations for different filesystems, some new F2FS functionality, new Raspberry Pi drives, better TPM2 support, MD RAID optimizations, etc.

Kernel 4.12 Merge Window is also now open.

Thoughts? it's been released today but it probably wont hit your repositories till about next week.


It's funny, 2 years ago I got an NVIDIA card because I was jealous of NVIDIA drivers as a Linux user. Now I'm jealous of the awesome work the mesa folks are doing for AMD.


ive been on 4.11 kernel a couple of weeks now. well not anymore because nvidia drivers wont work on it now

Linus announced it officially released today.

You have probably been on the Rc versions. it's officlaly been released and will be available in the stable repos soon for your distro,


hmm I have an rx 480, so I might have to install it.