Linux gamming issues

so two issues 1 I don’t think can be fixed.

  1. I have to install dinput8 with winetricks to get voice-overs and other stuff from the evo mod of trails in the sky and this breaks gamepad support in wine (the only solution as far as I know to this would be not to use the mods or use steam input to make the controller emulate a mouse and keyboard (which is what I do))

  2. because I am emulating mouse and keyboard with a controller sometimes other applications will take control away from the game, for example, some times ill randomly alt-tab when I don’t want to. or I can hear steam moving through its menu while I am playing. is there a way to block other applications from using the emulated input? ( i been told that a solution fo this could be running a separate xserver however i have been googling, asking on Reddit and other discord servers on how to do this and I haven’t figured it out supposably all you have to do is run this xinit vkcube -- :1 vt$XDG_VTNR for example but this gives an error about having a xserver already running

Why are you running steam in wine and not using proton?

im runing native linux steam and trails in the sky im running through proton but i have also tried to run it through wine and installing the dinput8 verb breaks input on both

Well you should be able to use steam’s built in controller stuff for generic input. Or use xboxdrv for that matter.

What controller are you using?

ive tried several controller including the ps4 controller and switch controller but like i said the first issue i don’t think can be fixed (for now) its a known issue

my problem is since im tranlating the controller buttons to keyboard keys somtimes the computer gets confused and for example thinks i wanted to alt tab

Hmmm try xbox drv out and see if that works any better? I’m unsure otherwise. I’ve honestly never had that issue.

thanks, ill try that and keep looking for other solutions the separate x sever that someone on discord told me about sounds really cool but I haven’t figured it out yet :sweat_smile:

Maybe run it in a container? IDK either thats a first one to me.

holy sh$$$ i figured it out i had to do xinit /usr/bin/xterm -- :1 vt$XDG_VTNR and it worked now i can have the steamos compositor for a steam os like experience on tty and i can have my normal kde desktop on the other good bye screen tearing and other issue:partying_face: now it would be really cool if i could assign each session a display so that the steamos like intance is always on my TV and the regular kde desktop is on my monitor

Nice! Good luck with… mell whatever you’re playing. Lol.

i got it working. So now i have kde runing on my monitor and when i press ctl+alt+f2 It switches to my 4k tv which is running the steamos compositor and session. The only issue is i have to switch between them with ctl+alt+f2 and ctl+alt+f1 and i also haven’t figured out how to automate it on boot.

i just had to install the steamos compostor and in the tty i want steam in run DISPLAY=":1" and then xinit /usr/bin/steamos-session and it worked

so know technicly i fixed my issue as when im gaming im runing a diffrent enviorment so alt tab will do nothing