Linux gaming

Story is i recently ran the good ol’ uninstall window$ anti virus, and just went linux with the release of steams proton and what not, and i ain’t complaining, i mean there’s abit of work as expected, and it does take up a few extra MB’s of harddrive space running lutris, and different versions of steam, and wine etc, but all in all M$ can censored me right now with their store and consoles, and money grappy schemes, thats how satisfied i am with the state and progression of gaming for linux.
anywho i got witcher 3 up and running, and that’s where it dawned on me, basically my GPU is just crapping out on me, basically the fans are noiseless even at 1440p i cannot get that sucker to ramp up, basically meaning my GPU is just not pulling it’s weight.
im running a vega64 stock gpu, which normally sounds like a frigging air carrier when it ramps up, but in linux, nothing?
im running the basic kernel implemented drivers, in kernel 4.18.5-041805-generic and it does works like a charm, and a ubuntu distro.
I tried installing the AMDgpu-pro drivers but they just caused steam to crap out on me, and give some opengl error when launching. am i missing something? or just live with the 1440p(again it aint bad at all considering the circumstances, and not gaming next to a air carrier is actually damd nice, but dat 4k would be nice).

Have you tried using Feral’s GameMode?

It sounds like your system power governor isn’t switching to performance when it should.