Linux friendly laptop reccomendations

Hi all,

I am in the market for a linux friendly laptop within the following requirements and I am looking for some recommendations. I will be running linux on the hardware with a windows VM on top. (Think Virtualbox seamless mode)

(Budget is around $1000-$1500 AUD. Can maybe push up to $2000 but would prefer to stay in this range)

*Decent quad core CPU
*Mid range GPU (maybe around the 850m-860m spec range. Not planning on playing super modern games)
*8GB of ram (can do 4GB and upgrade later with an extra slot)
*SSD (I can install one to replace a standard HDD later if it does not come with the machine)
*Virtualisation support (Not needed but would be nice to have VT-d)

Distro of choice for linux is fedora right now but I don't mind switching if another distro will work better with the hardware (driver support ect.).

Check out System76 if you are looking for already built systems and laptops.

Thanks for this. Gives me another option to choose from and the fact that they pick out linux specific hardware makes it quite appealing. The only thing I feel which is missing is the choice of a mid range GPU. You either choose intel graphics or a 970-980m.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T440p. It's a fantastic computer (except for the trackpad that will be fixed in the T450 series). I don't actually have Linux on it, but I've done the research and everything should work in it including Active Protection.

Venom is an australian brand that does multimedia / gaming laptops.
Linus did a review on their 'blackbook 15' model.

This might be a good candiadate if you're after a bit of power?


Cheers Tek community. This is why I love the PC platform. OPTIONS YAY!!!