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Linux Finally Has A Fix For Crackling Audio Input On Recent AMD Systems


Queued now for Linux 5.3 and also marked for back-porting to existing kernel stable series is a fix to address distorted and crackling analog audio input that has affected AMD systems for at least the past two years with certain Realtek audio codecs.

This is going to fix the “crackling and popping” that have been plaguing analog audio inputs using “certain Realtek audio codecs”. For me it was, occasionally, on both sides of the spectrum where my playback sounded horrible so this fix is a welcome change.

Just wanted to let the community know in case people couldn’t figure out why this was happening.



I am very happy about this. the issue rarely happens to me, but it is absolutely annoying when it does

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I’m glad they finally figured it out, it was really bad for me, had to get a cheap USB DAC for my mic (already have DAC for headphones) so that people wouldn’t flip their shit when I was using my mic. It will be nice to be able to use the proper input.



I hope this fix has the “secret sauce” to also fix audio issues with fx series motherboards.