Linux fans should like this step forward

I received an update today, a firmware update.

Got it though gnome-software on Fedora 26, it uses fwupd to manage and push firmware updates to your hardware. They had been testing logitech devices the past few months, it now seems to be out for the masses.

Good little peice of progress if you ask me.


That’s nice, I’m sure plenty of folks will appreciate not having to boot into freedos every time a CVE makes the news anymore.

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If they ever did at all! Considering the average users not going to be looking up security issues with their hardware something built in to highlight it and install an update is a great move.

fwupd seems to be getting more and more hardware venders involved, so hopefully it will continue to gain more traction. The most well known vendor who supplies updates to Linux via fwupd has been Dell.

is it fedora speecific package or are companies actually trying to standardize on it?

Dogfooded linux stuff tends not to end well

Theres two separate things going on.

fwupd manages the firmware update process from submitting and control from vendor to updating on the end computer.

gnome-software hooks into fwupd to provide a front end interface to the update process. (it can be done on the command line as well)

Its system agnostic, you should be able to use it on any system.

The current list of enabled/public firmware stuffs


cool beans, gonna have to look into settig it up on my workstation later.

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I also would like vendors to start doing Linux friendly BIOS updates lol freeDOS is a lifesaver but it’s a pain