Linux drive died

Ok, my linux drive died, and I can’t get back into windows, to do anything. Currently on my kid’s pc.

I can’t get into Windows 10 at all. PC keeps trying to load grub, and all I get is grub recovery.

How do I get into my windows? Is there a tool I can download that will get rid of grub so I can get back into my Windows so I can at least get some work done?

Sounds to me like you need to access your BIOS/UEFI and change boot drive.

I believe live booting from a USB will also get you where you need to be as well.


I’ve been trying to do it and the windows cannot repair the start up.

Update to this. Hours later. Finally realized I could use Linux USB to fix Windows Boot loader. I’m an idiot. Ordering new drive tonight, won’t get here for about a week, but then i’ll be back with a healthy linux drive.

in uefi there should be multiple options to allow you to boot straight to windows.
assuming windows isnt on the same drive as linux.

you should have a menu for boot order. where you can sellect which drive can boot first.
in this case you just swap windows for linux, save and quit. windows should boot.

you might have a boot override menu. where you can see all your disks and partitions… click on the one that has the windows boot loader. again should take you straight into windows bypassing grub all together.

you can then fix grub with your linux usb.

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Windows boot loader was screwed even with the linux drive out. And bios had NOTHING on selecting partitions. So I used a tool in Linux, to fix the boot loader.

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that sux.
like i said it might have the option to boot off a partition. not all uefi do sadly.
but it should have a dive boot order tab as that’s pretty much standard in every bios/uefi ive looked at.

did you have both o.s’s on one drive?..
then do yourself a solid, split em onto different drives.
you will have way less issues. (learned this myself)

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What I understand is that the bios lists each physical drive for legacy boot if enabled. Then, for UEFI it lists each discovered EFI partition (like a usb drive). And it shows each registered EFI application (like windows or grub. It doesn’t actually list all partitions other than the EFI partition on a disc.

…But also each bios can vary and do whatever they want

mine is displayed on the save bios screen where you can save multiple bios configs.
any drive including a usb if attached will show up there with all there partitions listed as separate devices.

i also have a drive boot order menu and it too shows all the dives, but not there partitions.

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