Linux(Crouton) help

So I'm using crouton on a acer c720 chromebook and I tried to install wine. In the middle of the installation the EULA for wine popped up. However, at the time I didnt know how to navigate it and accidently closed out of the window.  Everytime I try to install something, it says dpkg has been interrupted.....  Right now, I just want to figure out how to resume/cancel the wine installation. Thanks.

using xfce btw

wine requires no EULA, the EULA is GPL, which is confirmed by use, not by explicit consent.

The thing that requires a EULA, are Windows files and proprietary kernel modules.

On Crouton on a C720, that would be just Windows files. There are multiple possible causes. One could be the EULA, although I doubt that it wouldn't just pop up again when the package manager (dpkg) was given the order to install packages. Another however could be the fact that in order for some wine applications to run, pretty incredibly bloated files from the Windows world have to be downloaded. One such file can easily come in at half a Gigabyte, and not all wine applications use the same version of that file. That means that you can run out of storage space easily by using wine on the Acer C720, and that the system may refuse to install wine packages because there isn't enough free storage space.

Wine in itself is a great program that's very small and efficient, the problem is that Windows applications aren't small and efficient, and that a single auxiliary file for a single little Windows application, can easily be a couple of times bigger than your entire linux system.

What wine applications would you like to use? Isn't there a better open source alternative. There are very few applications for which there isn't a better open source alternative...

Well, we use a physics textbook which has to be installed, which is why I am using wine. The book is only available for pc and mac. I agree, though, whenever I can find an open source equivalent, I will go for that. Anyways, how would I fix the problem with the installation? Again, it says the dpkg was interrupted, and that I must manually run it.



I'm not sure Windows software will run correctly due to the CPU architecture.

I think you might be confusing the acer model with ARM ones. The acer model that I have uses a celeron processor so in theory it should work. Also in the past I downloaded java and compiled a few things.

What I Would Try Is To Uinstall The Program From Wine Deleting The Winecfg For The Program Too And Then Reinstall. But Also winecfg Is Worth Looking into This May Help To Reinitlize msfonts install.