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Linux compatible gaming(ish) peripherals


Hello, I’m slowly moving to linux (and looking forward to LookingGlass coming out of alpha with excitment), and I was quite disappointed by lack of linux support from such peripheral-giants as Razer and Logitech. I’m not even talking about Creative.

While there’s at least OpenRazer for Razer, which gives at least some control (but even there it still lacks, for example I could not set a custom wave color for my Deathstalker keyboard), support is still quite poor, and not native.

Another issue was with my SoundBlaster ZxR, which just does not work in Linux. I mean it probably does, but without drivers I can’t switch it from Speakers into Headphones mode, and without it it’s of no use for me really.

So in this thread I’d like for everyone to share what peripherals and hardware has native linux support from it’s developers.

By categories:

  • Mice
  • Keyboards (with R G B! :smiley: )
  • Audio cards (internal and external)

And it’s also possible to split things into a few categories:

0 - No support on Linux. It just does not work or works with a lot of bugs and problems, that it’s easier to just ditch it
1 - Works on Linux, but no software or drivers available for Linux
2 - Works on Linux and has community-developed drivers, which may lack in functionality but at least do something (like OpenRazer)
3 - Works on Linux and has official developer support
A - Works on Linux just because no specific drivers\software are required

I hope this thread may be interesting to a lot of people in the long run.

If this is a wrong place to ask, just tell me where to go with this question :slight_smile:


Realforce RGB Keyboard - 1 - Have to setup custom colors and stuff on Windows, but customizations are saved to the keyboard itself. (Info might be outdated, this was shortly after launch, will have to check again.)

TS/Fenek Standard Issue Mouse - A - All customization is done on the mouse.

Corsair M65 Mouse - 2 - ckb-next supports the M65 for most features, but might miss some that are in Corsair’s CUE.

ODAC and ODAC Rev. B - A - Plug and play audio DAC. 24/96 is for sure supported out of the box, 24/192 might be as well.

ckb-next actually supports most Corsair mice/keyboards as far as I can tell.


Anything you plug in will more than likely work, but some hardware does or doesn’t have control software. Razer doesn’t support linux with their keyboards, but I can get some software that connects to their dumbass cloud thing to change the lighting features. I’m happy with just having it backlit tho.

I have a Logitech G600 that I set the lighting settings on and it just saves them onboard. I also use those mouse settings on everything so I don’t really need to change it that often.


Well, that’s exactly what I’m asking here. I know that everything will ‘work’, I’m asking about how well integrated it is, I even came up with that categorization system. Because I am interested to find, for example, an RGB keyboard with ability to create your own animations like with Razer, that works on Linux as well. Not ‘just works’ but with same level of control.

Thanks, I’ll check those out.


My mouse is a Roccat Tyon, the configs are stored in the mouse and the official tool is Windows only, but someone made a Linux utility for it and they even show it in their available downloads for it. Super cool in my opinion, despite that it’s unofficial.


We don’t have razer synapse, but there is a system called openrazer that works with synapse enabled hardware. You can do everything synapse can with it.

Sadly I can’t figure it out, but I have seen it in action.


@Aremis Well, I tried that one, and it is actually very limited, at least as far as UI goes. For my Deathstalker I’ve setup a very nice and slight ‘wave’ effect that I like, but I could only choose one of the presets or static colors on Linux.

Anyway, I ended up buying a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid-i keyboard.

So far I’d rate it A, all customization is done through the onboard controls.

It’s a nice and relatively cheap Cherry MX Brown TKL keyboard, it has per-key lighting but with only white color, which I actually like. And it has nice built in effects and all. Just got it today, testing it out, like it so far. Oh and yeah it’s my first Cheery MX keyboard :smiley:

Realforce in not available here unfortunately